Just Announced: Scout PT For Android Devices

The team at GPS Commander has updated their industry-leading employee tracking software called Scout PT for Android devices. GPS Commander aims to provide fleet managers with as many options for professional employee tracking as possible; the Android launch is the next step forward.

Scout PT for Android can be installed over-the-air in minutes, allowing fleet managers to start tracking their employees whereabouts immediately. With less than 15% battery life reduction in a 24-hour period, optimal GPS first fix time, and accuracy up to 15 meters, Scout PT for Android has conveniences unlike any other in its class.

And with affordable monthly rates that can be instantly calculated here, fleet managers will discover the enormous budget benefits of employee tracking solutions. For even more of the cost-cutting benefits of Scout PT, click here.

Scout PT for Android comes equipped with the full line of GPS Commander tracking features, including patented geo fence technology, worldwide Google maps that are accessible from any internet browser, and an easily configured on-screen, email, and text message alert system.

The SOS feature on Scout PT for Android allows employees to send an alarm, alerting supervisors via email alerts, and setting the GPS to track every minute for fifteen minutes. Employees can feel empowered on the road, knowing that their safety is being monitored.

Customizable tracking reports allow Scout PT for Android users quick access to detailed employee activity histories. The convenience of full-service employee tracking, managed on a smart phone!

Fleet managers can depend on attentive customer assistance with GPS Commander, with our 24-7 Support Help Desk. GPS Commander specializes in professional employee tracking, and delivers solutions with fleet management goals in mind; Scout PT for Android is just the latest addition to this top-tier range of services.

As fuel costs escalate, and competitive fleet industries continue to multiply, there is no better time than right now to equip your fleet with the affordable employee tracking solutions from GPS Commander. The team at GPS Commander is excited to offer Scout PT for Android, providing a wider range of fleet businesses with the convenience of smart phone employee tracking.

Harness the power of Android or Black Berry employee tracking today, with no long-term contracts to sign. Grab an instant quote here. Track your employees with Scout PT for Android, and experience rapid cost-cutting benefits!


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