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Truck GPS Tracking

Ranger CT

Truck GPS tracking that is reliable and affordable, with RANGER CT from GPS Commander™ an economical truck GPS tracking product designed for easy and installation into commercial vehicles, while offering outstanding performance.

Simplified Installation

  • Small physical size for simple, covert installations
  • Choice of integrated or external antennas
  • Quick release, fused power connections
  • Optional Quick-Plug OBD versions available
  • Low / High voltage & reverse polarity protection
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Powerful Features

  • Ultra-low power consumption protects long parked vehicles
  • 3.5 / 4G cellular data protocols assure maximum longevity
  • High performance 32 bit processor allows expandability
  • Integrated alerts for idling, speeding, PTO, geo-fencing
  • Store and forward for out-of-coverage performance
  • Integrated accelerometer for driver behaviour monitoring
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Field Serviceability

  • Over-the-air diagnostics & reporting
  • Over-the-air programming & configuration
  • Modular connectors for quick serviceability
  • Integrated diagnostic LED lighting indication
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What's Included

Setting up a Ranger CT system is simple and straight forward. Purchase the number of Ranger CT devices to match the number of vehicles you wish to track. Start as small as you like and add more at any time. Each Ranger CT comes with everything required for installation, as well as an associated monthly data and tracking plan. We’ll include simple vehicle installation instructions or arrange a professional installer if you prefer. Then, simply log on to our web-based portal and you’re set to go. Ranger CT’s monthly subscription includes a full range of live tracking and historical playback features, a full range of automated reports and a complete set of alerts. We even include vehicle maintenance scheduling.

Ranger CT Versions

Ranger CT Plug-&-Play OBDII

Quick Plug-In Unit with Zero Installation

  • Suitable for rapid vehicle turnovers -moves easily to another vehicle
  • No installation required -just plug it into the vehicle's OBDII connector
  • Advanced design incorporates an accelerometer to provide driver behavior scoring

Ranger CT GPS Truck Tracking

High Performance Installed GPS Tracking

  • High-sensitivity GPS and cellular data design for superior performance
  • Available with built-in or external antennas to maximize wireless coverage
  • Multiple inputs for monitoring seatbelt, PTO, driver emergency, door alerts, etc.
  • Advanced accelerometer for driver scoring behavior

Ranger CT HoS Compliant

An HoS (Hours of Service) Certified Device

  • Ranger CT HoS is our most advanced solution, capable of connecting to the vehicle's ECM bus, as well as a certified ELD electronic logging device
  • FMCSA certified and ready to meet pending Canadian HoS rules, Ranger CT HoS has advanced BlueTooth and Jbus connectivity
  • Add on an off-the-shelf Android phone or tablet or optional ruggedized ELD display device for inspections and hours of service compliance

Which Ranger CT Model Is Right For You?

Ranger CT Truck GPS Tracking

Our most popular model, this is an installed-in-vehicle truck GPS tracking device that is widely used by a wide range of industries. Ranger CT is an out-of-site, out-of-mind GPS tracking device that is simple to install and extremely reliable. The unit is available in 3 antenna configurations to suit virtually any application. For businesses that require a covert operation, choose the integrated antenna version to allow for an invisible installation. For mission critical business where performance is king, choose the external antenna version and choose either a glass (windshield) mount or rugged hard-hat style roof mount antenna.

  • Always on, always working for maximum reliability
  • Out-of-sight, out-of-mind to ensure dependability
  • Small in size for simple installation,
  • Ultra-low current drain for long-parked vehicles
  • Integrated tow-away alert & motion detector
  • Upgradeable to add on Garmin type dispatch display
  • Multiple integrated alerts with over-the-air configuration

Ranger Plug&Track OBDII

Simply plug it into the vehicle’s ODB II port and the Ranger Plug & Track fits the bill with zero installation requirement! Ideal for temporary tracking situations or where portability is key.  Powerful features include automatic recognition of the vehicle’s make, model and VIN information, full driver scoring and automatic removal/tamper alerts. Ranger Plug&Track even reads vehicle and engine trouble codes for increased safety and reduced maintenance costs!

  • Ideal for rapid or temporary deployments
  • Automated tamper alert when unplugged
  • Advanced design with out-of-coverage store and recover
  • Integrated high sensitivity GPS and cellular antennas
  • Integrated accelerometer for driver behavior scoring
  • Motion detector with configurable movement alerts
  • Automatic crash detection
  • ECM engine interface with trouble codes

Ranger CT HoS Compliant

Our most advanced GPS truck tracking device, Ranger CT HoS is compatible with a range of optional ELD (Electronic Display Device) to provide a fully certified HoS (Hours of Service) solution. Designed to meet the needs of both US and Canadian Hours of Service regulation, the Ranger CT HoS device packs powerful GPS and cellular data performance with the ability to integrate with the vehicle’s ECM interface and the driver’s ELD device. Ranger HoS is configurable with either a hard-wired ECM or a BlueTooth ECM connectivity for maximum versatility. It can be used with off-the-shelf consumer Android phones/tablets acting as the ELD or with rugged purpose-built ELD devices.

  • Powerful integrated 3.5/4G cellular connectivity
  • Available with integrated or external antennas
  • Communicates by hard-wired or Bluetooth connection to ECM
  • Can act as the wireless modem for the ELD device
  • Full compliment of configurable inputs and ports

Integrated Driver Behavior

Regardless of the models you choose for your GPS Commander system, all of them have an integrated accelerometer that measures and reports on incidences of hard braking, hard acceleration, and cornering. These triggers can be combined with other driver specific behaviors, including speeding, engine idling and after hours unauthorized driving to produce a series of alerts, which are included with all GPS Commander systems. In addition to these configurable alerts, fleets receive an automated driver behavior scoring and reporting system that compares all of your drivers. This Driver Scoreboard can produce big dividends in reduced vehicle wear, fuel consumption and accidents.

  • Maximize passenger safety
  • Improved lone worker safety
  • Reduced speeding = reduced accidents
  • Faster, more intelligent response to emergencies
  • Helps attract new employees
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