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The Scout Truck DVR camera system is rapidly changing the landscape for commercial vehicles. These systems dramatically improve driving safety, lower operating costs and reduce fleet liability exposure. GPS Commander has an extensive mobile video offerings to satisfy commercial fleets.

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Scout - Truck DVR Camera System
The Scout-series Truck DVR Camera system from FQ Wireless is a rugged multi-camera mobile video recording and streaming system designed for mining, towing, waste management, bus transportation, trucking, oilfield and other demanding industrial business.
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Versatile, Powerful Configurable
By using the latest in efficient H.265 video encoding technology, Scout effectively doubles on-board storage and cuts cellular data consumption in half. Featuring on-board GPS, 4G cellular data and available AI processing.
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Take Control, with Command Vision
The Scout DVR camera system streams unsafe driving and other pre-configured events to GPS Commander's Command Vision dashboard, for review and sign-off by a supervisor. Watch high definition video of any event, as it occurred during the infraction. Download a driver report for driver training and review. Stream live video and audio during critical situations.
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key benefits

mobile video systems

Reduce Liability

 Improving driver behavior equates to a direct reduction in your liability. Having a complete video record of all vehicle activity provides the evidence you need to prove what really occurred and to prevent it’s re-occurrence in future.

Increase Safety

 Prevention is the key to increased road safety. On-board video not only changes behavior in the moment, but provides the resources to train staff using actual on-the-ground situations to effect positive change. Your customers also benefit.

Reduce Costs

In many markets with field assets, insurance companies are rewarding those with video systems with lower rates. In fact, in some markets, they are becoming mandatory. Why? The proof is in the pudding. Video lowers costs.

Featured List

Scout series MDVR’s are the most advanced multi-camera HD DVR systems available today, covering a wide range of industries from tow fleets to waste management, bus transportation and other industrial applications. Featuring the latest H.265 video compression technology, Scout maximizes on-board stored video history, while minimizing data consumption for live video streaming over 4G cellular.  With support for up to 8 cameras, integrated WiFi downloading and extensive i/o capability, Scout handles the toughest applications. Optional on-board AI (Artificial Intelligence) processing modules are available for ADAS Advanced Driving Assistance (lane adherence, collision avoidance, pedestrian detection) and DSM Driver Safety Monitoring. (smartphone use, driver fatigue, driver focus, smoking)

01  HD VIDEO & Sound

Imagine having a complete 4 to 6 week 360 degree historical record, complete with HD video, sound and location – of every moment of your vehicle’s activities. Use this record at any time for evidence or for driver safety and training purposes.

02  Rapid Update 4G tracking

Scout DVR systems include GPS Commander’s cloud-based GPS tracking, with 10 second location updates. Google Maps with live traffic, 12 months of tracking history, geo-fencing, alerts and maintenance scheduling are also included.

03  scale with your budget

GPS Commander offers a range of solutions that let you start within budget, then add additional cameras, storage and connectivity as required. Whether you need a simple 4G dash cam or a complete MDVR, we have it covered.


All systems include GPS Commander’s Command Vision dashboard. Play live or recorded HD video right from your browser, tablet or smartphone. See pre-defined event exceptions in the Evidence tab. See an overlay of location, speed & behavior on the video timeline. Produce extensive reports.

05  exception-based events

Set rules to trigger events, such as crashes, harsh driving, speeding, geo-fencing, or based on an input, such as a PTO. Each event can trigger an alert and cause camera snapshots or live video of the actual event to be streamed live over cellular or marked for WiFi downloading.

06  ai based driver monitoring

Take advantage of true on-board AI processing with ADAS Advanced Driving Assistance (lane adherence, collision avoidance, pedestrian detection) and DSM Driver Safety Monitoring. (smartphone use, driver fatigue, driver focus, smoking)

"GPS Commander has given us a whole new level of visibility into our tow operations", states Bob McGann, of McGann & Chester Towing in Pittsburgh, PA. "The Scout video system has provided us with real relief from potentially serious claims by giving us the real facts, as they occurred on the ground."

McGann's entire fleet of wreckers is outfitted with Scout MDVR's, which capture high definition video from front, rear and side mounted cameras.


Brief list of FAQs

What is the difference between a dvr and a dash cam?

Answer. A dash cam is typically self-contained, housing the cameras and other electronics all in a windshield-mounted case. The DVR or MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) uses separate cameras that connect to a separate black box that contains the memory, cellular data modem, WiFi and GPS, etc. The DVR typically has greater expansion capability, accommodates more cameras and has increased historical video storage capacity.

is all video sent to the cloud?

Answer. A common misperception is that the whole time your vehicles are running around, their video activities are transmitted over cellular to the cloud. Not true. In fact, the only video that’s sent to the cloud is video that you’ve live streamed during critical situations and any exceptions to driving events or other rules that are pre-defined and any live streamed events. Hence, the importance of having sufficient on-board storage capacity. This is where Scout DV-65 wins hands down, with H.265 compression and up to 2 TeraBytes of integrated storage.

can the mdvr take the place of my gps system?

Answer. Yes, absolutely. The DV-65 system includes on-board GPS tracking capability and a 4G modem. The relatively large data plan that is required for video meas that providing 10 second GPS updates comes along for the ride. In most cases in fact, Scout DV-65 with live GPS tracking and all of its video capabilities and monthly data are rolled into a package that’s usually within $5.00 monthly of your basic stand-alone tracking system.

what kind of cameras does scout come with?

Answer. The Scout DV-65 HHD can accommodate up to 8 cameras. We configure each system with the most appropriate cameras. On a tow truck for example, we typically provide 360 degress of coverage with front and rear cameras, as well as side cameras. Sound can also be added to any camera. If ADAS or Driver Fatigue AI functions are required, then special cameras designed for this purpose are provided. Virtually any kind of camera can be supported, including pan, tilt and zoom.

Why is on-board storage important in a DVR?

Answer. This is a very good question and its important to pay special attention to the fine print, not only on what’s included in the monthly plan, but to the technical capabilities of the device. First, understand that no system today is going to let you watch unlimited live video from your trucks. The only video that gets transmitted live is video that you’ve chosen to watch in real time and video that’s transmitted to the cloud because a pre-defined event was triggered. So, what if you’re made aware of an important situation that occurred in the past and that situation did not trigger any event and was not watched live at the time? It simply won’t be in the cloud. Therefore, its critical to store everything right on the DVR itself. Scout DV-65 has an integrated 2 TB hard drive and the most efficient video compression algorithm available to maximize storage. With 4 HD cameras on a vehicle operating 10 hours per day, that’s up to 46 days of storage.

how much video can be watched live?

Answer. As we’ve discussed, pre-defined events that garner attention (such as hard braking) are automatically transmitted via cellular data to the Command Vision cloud for review. Also, live video from your vehicles can be watched at any time during the heat of the moment. When an event occurs or video is streamed live, different quality levels can be chosen to minimize consumption. Regardless of the quality chosen to stream over cellular, the highest level HD quality is still available for review or downloading later -for example if you can’t read a license plate. Up to 7.5 hours of live HD streaming per vehicle, per month can be watched in the standard plan. (depending on the chosen live streaming quality level)


Answer. There are several ways to review video stored data on the vehicle, that has not been uploaded to the Command Vision cloud: (Because no event was triggered)

  • Stream it live or download it via cellular, right from Command Vision dashboard. You simply choose the desired date and time range. This is only recommended for small clips.
  •  Hop into any vehicle and plug in a mini USB WiFi Access Point to the MDVR. (only one required per fleet)  This allows a supervisor to join that hotspot from their smartphone or tablet and use the provided app to watch any stored video, audio and snapshot history. Any of those clips can then be saved to the  smartphone or tablet. 
  •  Using the in-vehicle touch-screen display, a supervisor can review any stored video right on the display, using a calendar function to choose the date and time range desired. Any clip can then be copied to a USB stick plugged into the touch-screen’s USB slot..
  •  Another method is to go out to the vehicle with a laptop, plug it into the USB of the MDVR and copy any of the recorded video right onto the laptop.
  •  By installing WiFi coverage in your main yard(s) where the vehicles are parked and our WiFi management system. Once the truck is in WiFi coverage in the yard with its ignition on, you can search the entire contents of its storage by date and time range, then stream it live or download it, right from the browser of any internet-connected PC. 

its time to

Turn insight into action

In several industries, including tow wreckers, passenger transportation, public safety, ambulance, oilfield service, exploration and mining, MDVR systems improve the safety of drivers and the public at large. This is due to measurable improvements to driver safety, driver behavior and training that result. Accident rates and vehicle operating costs decrease, as does corporate liability. In many markets, businesses are depending on mobile video to protect them from litigation and to minimize insurance costs.

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