Low Cost ELD Service

Low Cost ELD Service at only $9.95 per Month with RoadChek ELD

RoadChek ELD is a low cost ELD service provided by GPS Commander, an industry leader in telematics solutions for nearly 21 years. The company’s roots in telematics systems pre-date the ability of cellular telephone systems to handle wireless data. At that time, our first offerings utilized specialized mobile data networks to process vehicle location for customers. In those days, the costs were much higher for GPS tracking devices, often over $1000.00 per vehicle and the costs for GPS tracking service were typically in the range of $75.00, per vehicle, per month.

Since day one, GPS Commander has strived to lower the entry barriers so that business owners could take advantage of the efficiencies that these solutions provide. We achieved that in several ways:

  1. Commencing in 2002, we eliminated the need for long term contracts.
  2. We pioneered no-cost lifetime hardware warranties.
  3. We simplified our products by including most features as standard
  4. We introduced industry leading value pricing
  5. All systems included 24×7 emergency help desk support

Fast forward to today and this philosophy is still in place. Consequently, we are pleased to announce industry leading, value-based pricing on RoadChek ELD, our FMCSA approved Hours of Service ELD solution.

RoadChek ELD is an easy-to-use, full featured and certified HoS system that is available in 2 versions:

  1. RoadChek Silver
  2. RoadChek Platinum

Both versions include full Canadian and US ELD compliance. Each solution consists of an ECMLink device and a subscription to the RoadChek ELD service. RoadChek Silver includes the ECMLink and RoadChek Platinum includes the ECMLink Pro. Both versions are small devices that are plugged directly into the vehicle’s ECM engine interface. Both models interpret the data coming from the vehicle and communicate key information wirelessly via BlueTooth to the RoadChek ELD app that is running on the driver’s iOS or Android phone or tablet. The RoadChek ELD app communicates with the RoadChek cloud-based platform, which provides fleet managers with real-time and historical Hours of Service information, charts and reports, etc.

One ECMLink device is purchased outright for each vehicle from GPS Commander on a one-time basis. RoadChek ELD service is then subscribed on a monthly basis, for as low as $9.95 per vehicle. The customer may cancel RoadChek service with just 30 days notice and use the ECMLink with many other ELD solutions that are also fully integrated to it.

Big Road ELD

Some ELD solution companies, such as Big Road, provide the ELD device without any up-front cost. Instead, they charge on an ongoing monthly fee. In Big Road’s case, they typically charge $10.00 per month for the ELD and $15.00 per month for their basic ELD service. Some may trumpet the fact that the ELD device is free, yet you’re actually paying a great deal more for the device over time and you may never actually own it. (We call this the never-never plan) Let’s look at this math. At $25.00 per month, you’re paying $300.00 per year or $900.00 for 3 years. Or, $1500.00 over 5 years.

We could compare Big Road with RoadChek ELD this way: We sell the ECMLink hardware device for a single payment of $149.95. Big Road sells it for $10.00 per month. After just over 1 year, you’re saving $10.00 per month just on the hardware. For the monthly Big Road basic service, you’re paying $15.00 per month. For RoadChek Silver, which gets you full compliance, you’re paying only $9.95 monthly. In summary, after 15 months, RoadChek is 60% less monthly.

Keep Truckin ELD

Other ELD providers, such as Keep Truckin, charge an up-front fee for the ELD hardware, plus a monthly for the ELD service. In the case of Keep Truckin, this is typically $150.00 for the hardware, plus $20.00 per month for their basic package. This adds up to $870.00 over 3 years.

If we compare Keep Truckin to RoadChek ELD, we’re charging the same one-time hardware payment, however our monthly fee is 50% less than theirs. Over 3 years, RoadChek would be $360.00 less than Keep Truckin’s Starter Plan.

In order to get the higher level ELD features from Keep Truckin, such as IFTA reporting, you need to go to their Pro version, which is even more costly, at $35.00 monthly. RoadChek Silver has all the same ELD features as RoadChek Platinum, with the exception of vehicle diagnostics and real-time GPS tracking. RoadChek Platinum, at only $19.95 is over 40% less than Keep Truckin Pro, without the need to sign any long term contract.


With DriveELD, you’re getting the identical ELD hardware device that we are providing, which is made by Pacific Track out of California. They are providing it as part of their solution for $15.00 per month, except they are billing an entire year at a time. So, you’re paying $180.00 in advance per year. Over 3 years, DriveELD will cost you $540.00, versus $508.00 for RoadChek ELD. However, with RoadChek, we’re only billing one month at a time, with no contract term. You can cancel at any time. If you would like to pay us annually, we’ll provide an additional 15% discount.

Contract Terms -House & Kids Excluded

With RoadChek, there is no contract. You can cancel at any time without penalty and you can keep the ECMLink, which will work with multiple other systems out there. Compare these terms to other ELD providers. You’ll find that most of them will require a contract with stiff early exit penalties. Think that free ELD hardware is enticing? Think again because you may be paying for the hardware 3 times over and the divorce could cost you the house and kids.

Low Cost ELD Service

As mentioned, all versions of RoadChek ELD include full featured ELD capability:

  • Device agnostic – iOS & Android support
  • Zero install -no wires, no messy installs
  • Automatic connection to ELD on Log-In
  • Automatic ECM diagnostic scan
  • Realtime shift status display
  • Violation countdown warning
  • One touch duty status updates
  • Integrated DVIR vehicle inspections
  • Log and DVIR signature capture
  • Support for Co-driver Log-In
  • One-touch display, print or export logs
  • Over-the-air ELD updating
  • Integrated shipment scheduling

Product Differences

The primary difference in the 2 RoadChek ELD versions relates to their respective GPS tracking capabilities. RoadChek Silver provides full ELD compliance and includes location reporting each time the driver logs on or off, changes duty status and then every 60 minutes while driving, per FMCSA rules. RoadChek Silver is the appropriate choice for fleets that are not really concerned about vehicle tracking. They just want to be 100% ELD compliant. This applies to a lot of fleets that utilize owner operators.

For fleets that own their trucks and utilize employee drivers, they may prefer a system with always-on, reliable real-time GPS tracking. For this, we recommend RoadChek Platinum. RoadChek Platinum includes the ECMLink Pro instead of the ECMLink. This is basically an advanced version of the Pacific Track PT-30, called the PT-40. The difference between these devices is that the ECMLink Pro includes a 4G cellular modem. This integrated modem allows the ECMLink Pro to provide real-time GPS tracking, regardless of whether the driver’s tablet or phone is on.


ELD compliance is now mandated in the US market and although it has been delayed in the Canadian market, most fleets now recognize and want to take advantage of the efficiencies and other benefits it provides. However, implementing an ELD Hours of Service solution does not need to be a scary or costly exercize. The reality is that all of the certified ELD solutions on the market perform most of the same basic functions. They all have to meet the same criteria in order to become FMCSA compliant.

RoadChek ELD offers pretty much every possible ELD feature. RoadChek Silver, our most cost-effective solution, has an advanced set of capabilities, many of which require upgrading to the higher tiers of our competitors systems, such as:

  • Full web dashboard included
  • Full DVIR inspections
  • Signature capture for DVIR sign-off
  • Automatic ECM connectivity diagnostics
  • Over-the-air updating
  • Integrated shipment scheduling
  • Co-drivers
  • Automatic driving status changes
  • IFTA mileage reports

If you’re looking for low cost ELD service, RoadChek ELD Silver has you covered. We’re making it as easy as possible to be fully compliant, with the industry’s lowest monthly cost. If you’re looking for more advanced GPS tracking capabilities, then choose RoadChek Platinum, which includes ELD functionality plus the most advanced fleet management platform in the business, accompanied by the same simple terms.


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