GPS Tracking in the Towing Industry

GPS Tracking

Few industries are able to reap the benefits of GPS fleet tracking to the extent that the towing industry does. Knowing the precise activities and movements of their vehicles helps keeps tow company owners in the black and in control of their business operations.

The primary benefits to the towing industry of GPS tracking are:

  • Reduction in voice traffic by over 30%. No need to ask your drivers where they are or what they are doing when you already know
  • Increase dispatched calls by 20% per day, as a result of less downtime between calls, better routing, and improved dispatch assignment efficiency
  • Improved driver safety due to driver emergency alerts and speeding notification, means less driver turn-over, reduced barriers to hiring
  • Superior customer service, thanks to improved dispatch response & efficiency, as well as accurate ETA knowledge
  • Increased accounting accuracy, as a wide range of historical reports and activity playback provides proof for costing & billing purposes
  • Decreased fuel consumption due to reduced engine idling & speeding, as well as reduction in personal use of fleet vehicles
  • Reduced fleet maintenance costs due to preventative maintenance tracking and scheduling,/li>

Implementing a GPS tracking system into a towing fleet enhances many aspects of the business:

  • Dispatch personnel are empowered, as the communications gap between the office and the field all but disappears. An immediate improvement in customer service occurs, as dispatch employees feel more confident in the accuracy of the information they are relaying to customers.
  • Drivers become more “connected” with the office due to location awareness. This allows dispatchers to assist drivers with real-time routing. Through real-time PTO alerts, dispatchers are aware of job progression, enabling more efficient job assignment to occur.
  • Tow company owners achieve peace of mind, knowing that at any given moment, even when away from the office, they maintain control of their drivers and vehicles
  • Accounting staff enjoy a new standard of accuracy within the business, as a result of the proof of business activities provided by the real time GPS tracking system
  • Corporate morale and teamwork is enhanced due to the improved safety of the drivers and the increased cohesiveness of overall operations. Corporate differentiation is also improved

At less than $1.00 per vehicle per day, the return on investment from an effective real time fleet tracking system is immediate. Improved customer service quickly translates to an increase in repeat business. Increased vehicle and driver productivity means more billable work per shift. Reduced vehicle operating costs and improved driver safety translate directly to the bottom line.

Gord Walsh

President, GPS Commander

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