Commercial iPhone Tracking App Released

GPS Commander is pleased to announce the availability of Scout PT, a commercial GPS tracking app for iPhones. Now available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android, Scout PT enables employers to economically track their employees while on business, for safety and productivity purposes.

Today, there are hundreds of GPS tracking apps associated with iPhones and there are many free ways of tracking an individual on an iPhone, so why would anyone choose to pay for such a service? The primary difference is that GPS Commander is designed for commercial use, enabling fleets to track all of their employees at one time on the same platform. This could include any number of employees, using virtually any type of smartphone, as well as vehicles equipped with the Ranger CT installed-in-vehicle devices. An example would be a business machine company, such as a photo-copy provider, that wishes to track their team of customers service techs, using Scout PT on smartphones, as well as the company delivery vehicles, using installed devices.

Scout PT for iPhone can be installed over-the-air in minutes and can be set to start upon power-up of the phone and run in the background automatically.

GPS Commander is a cloud-based GPS tracking solution that incorporates a full range of commercial fleet tracking features, including patented geo-fence technology, Google maps and easily configured on-screen, email, and text message alerts. Supervisors may track their fleet from any internet connected browser or from the field on their own smartphone or tablet.

In addition to real-time tracking, GPS Commander incorporates easy to use historical playback, for post analysis purposes. The system also includes numerous reports to help manage productivity, prove time on site for customers, etc.

Normally, Scout PT can just run in the background, out of sight and out of mind from the smartphone user. However, when required, an SOS feature allows employees to send an alarm, alerting supervisors via email, text messaging and on-screen pop-up alerts. Employees feel protected while on the road, knowing that their safety is being monitored.

GPS Commander offers a wide array of solutions to track any type of vehicle, asset, trailer or individual. All systems are backed up by our 24 hour support Help Desk. Harness the power of Scout PT employee tracking today, with no long-term contracts to sign.

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Track your employees with Scout PT for iPhone, and experience a wide range of benefits, including increased safety, improved productivity and customer service.


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