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Dash Cam System

Scout DV Series

GPS Commander mobile video telematics solutions are transforming business.  The Scout DV series of commercial dash cams combine rapid update GPS tracking with live video streaming and AI processing to analyze the road and driver in order to improve driver safety in real time. Scout systems give peace of mind by reducing liability, insurance and vehicle operating costs, while increasing the safety of your drivers.

Scout DV-25 SHD Rugged Dual Dash Cam

  • Advanced industrial design dual dash cam system
  • Aluminum construction for heat dissipation
  • 1080p HD forward and 960P interior facing cameras
  • Integrated WiFi, BlueTooth and GPS connectivity
  • Available in WiFi only or dual mode WiFi & 4G connectivity
  • Live video streaming with automatic crash uploading
  • Integrated 10 second GPS tracking with driver behavior scoring
  • On-board 256 GB storage provides up to 2 weeks video history
  • Live snapshot & video streaming from GPS Commander
  • Send alerts with picture, video, images based on events
  • Available AI processing for ADAS and DSM compliance
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How Connected Dash Cams Work

Scout DV-25 connected dash cams reduce accident claims, which in-turn reduces liability risk and insurance premiums. At the same time, fuel consumption, brake and tire wear and other vehicle maintenance costs are decreased. 

How? Imagine how your own driving suddenly changes when your mother or father are in your vehicle? Or, how you would drive if you were picking up a dignitary at the airport and driving them to an important event? If we’re being honest, I think most of us are going to drive extra carefully. We’re likely to drive slower and more purposely, more gracefully, more measured… That’s essentially what a connected dash cam will do, right out of the box. Installing Scout DV-25’s in your fleet is like putting a dignitary in every vehicle. The results are immediate and permanent!

The Scout connected dash cam brings together GPS technology, high definition video, driving behavior analysis and 4G connectivity to bring new insight and awareness to drivers and their supervisors. Pre-defined driving events, such as hard cornering, braking, acceleration and speeding are uploaded over 4G cellular to the cloud-based GPS Commander system seamlessly for subsequent review by a supervisor. In addition, live video streaming is available at any time. Any and all events that are sent to the cloud, whether from triggered events or live streaming over cellular will be kept for 90 days in the cloud. They can be repeatedly played, reviewed or downloaded for the next 90 days without using any additional cellular data. This information is 100% confidential to your organization

The cloud-based GPS Commander system shows any such events for review and sign-off. Click on any event to watch a 1080p HD video of it actually occurring, with full sound. For example, one of your drivers shows a hard cornering event. Clicking on it will play the video right in your browser, commencing a few seconds prior, so you can literally watch the hard cornering event unfold, showing both the front facing and driver facing cameras. Download any event as a driver report card PDF to review it with the driver and save it in their employment record. Each report shows the name of the driver, the vehicle, a Google map of where it occurred, camera snapshots of the event, the date and time, etc. Download the event as a zipped file containing the actual HD video and sound for use on your local PC or for sending to another business associate.

The GPS Commander dashboard lets you configure these events and exceptions to suit your needs. Also, at any time, you can create an ad-hoc historic evidence event, which will cause the event to be downloaded from the dash cam system to the cloud. For example, let’s say your driver was stopped by the police yesterday for an inspection or other reason. You could create an inspection event, name it accordingly and specify the date and time range. This then pulls the recorded information over 4G cellular to the cloud for review, downloading, reporting, etc. In the event of a crash, the complete event is automatically streamed to GPS Commander for review, where you may use it for review or evidence.

Often, critical situations we want to review were not captured by a pre-defined trigger. For example, your driver was involved in a verbal or physical altercation with another motorist or worker. Or, a passenger in one of your vehicles complained about your driver’s behavior. Scout dash cam systems are set up to capture and store 100% of the view from each camera, the entire time the vehicle is in operation. They typically store 8 to 10 days of complete driving history on board the device, that can be downloaded and viewed in high definition at anytime. 

All Scout systems allow a supervisor to view and/or download any of the stored information, simply by hopping into any vehicle, joining the Scout’s integrated WiFi hotspot from the included smartphone app. Larger fleets can also install WiFi in the yard and set up rules to automatically download activities when back at the end of the work day.

As Scout already incorporates a GPS receiver, 4G connectivity and a data plan, it can replace any existing GPS tracking system that you may have in place, providing rapid GPS update rates every 10 seconds. The complete GPS Commander system is included, with Google Maps with live traffic, a wide range of alerts, reports and so on… In most cases, the monthly cost of Scout DV-25 is very similar to a typical GPS tracking service, but with much greater capability and benefit due to its video and audio capability.

Available Versions

Scout DV-25 SHD

4G Connected Dual Dash Cam

  • Forward-facing 1080p + internal-facing 720p cameras
  • Video coding method: H265
  • On-board storage: Up to: 256B
  • Integrated WiFi access point
  • Review history over WiFi from included app
  • Integrated 4G cellular data and GPS tracking
  • Stream live video over cellular data
  • 10 second GPS tracking updates
  • GPS Commander fleet management system included
  • Command Vision evidence dashboard
  • Crash detection with auto uploading
  • Driver behavior scoring & alerts
  • Driver SOS emergency and input monitoring
  • Camera expansion: none
  • ADAS: Lane adherence: no
  • ADAS: Pedestrian detection: no
  • ADAS: Follow too close: no
  • ADAS: Collision warning: no
  • DSM: Driver smoking: no
  • DSM: Driver using smartphone: no
  • DSM: Driver fatigue: no

Scout DV-25 SHD with AI

4G Connected Dual Dash Cam with AI

  • Forward-facing 1080p + internal-facing 720p cameras
  • Video coding method: H265
  • On-board storage: Up to 512GB
  • Integrated WiFi access point
  • Review history over WiFi from included app
  • Integrated 4G cellular data and GPS tracking
  • Stream live video over cellular data
  • 10 second GPS tracking updates
  • GPS Commander fleet management system included
  • Command Vision evidence dashboard
  • Crash detection with auto uploading
  • Driver behavior scoring & alerts
  • Driver SOS emergency and input monitoring
  • Camera expansion: one addtional IP based camera
  • ADAS: Lane adherence: Included
  • ADAS: Pedestrian detection: Included
  • ADAS: Follow too close: Included
  • ADAS: Collision warning: Included
  • DSM: Driver smoking: Included
  • DSM: Driver using smartphone: Included
  • DSM: Driver fatigue: Included

What Benefits Will Scout VT Dash Cams Provide?

Increased Operating Efficiency

Scout VT Dash Cams combine the benefits of real-time GPS tracking with  mobile video recording to provide a complete cloud-based telematics solution. Fleets with these capabilities achieve immediate measurable improvements in field workforce efficiency. Scout VT opens a window to dispatchers and supervisors, empowering them to make faster, more informed decisions. Not only do they know where resources are located, but gain valuable situational awareness.

  • Location awareness via GPS improves dispatch decisions
  • Video & snapshot capability enhances situational awareness
  • Situational awareness improves resource utilization
  • Improved resource utilization improves fleet efficiency
  • Driver behavior monitoring increases fuel efficiency

Reduced Operating Costs

Vehicles operating in the field, together with the employees that utilize them often constitute one of the largest cost inputs for service organizations. In many markets, containing fleet operating costs is a key to achieving profitability. Connected dash cams can be a powerful tool in containing or reducing such costs.  These devices not only provide real-time monitoring of the fleet, but encourage ‘self management’ by the drivers. This is accomplished in several ways:

  • Reduced speeding increases fuel efficiency & reduces fuel cost
  • Reduced harsh driving results in lower maintenance costs
  • Safer driving reduces accidents and insurance claims
  • Better evidence reduces insurance liability and insurance costs
  • Reduced personal use of vehicles lowers fleet operating costs

Improve Customer Service

Regardless of the nature of your business, its probably safe to say that delivering exceptional service to your customers is important to your success. At the end of the day, we’re all really in the service business.  To that end, knowing the facts on the ground as it relates to our field personnel, vehicles and equipment can make the difference between promising and actually delivering quality service. Video enabled telematics empowers your business to deliver service in an informed way:

  • Make faster, informed decisions on initial job assignment
  • Provide more accurate ETA’s and job status updates
  • Get on-the-ground snapshots on job progress
  • Maintain a full recorded history, both en-route and on-site
  • Provide accurate reporting and accounting of job activity

Increase Driver Safety

Mobile video telematics have an immediate, measurable positive impact on driver safety. When we combine the ability to measure harsh driving with the driver’s awareness that his or her every move is being documented on both video and audio, the results are impressive. Of course, anything we do that protects our employees’ safety is a net positive. However, these increases in driver safety result in measurable costs benefits as well, due declining wear and tear, fuel consumption, accident and insurance rates.

  • Reduced harsh driving =less driver mistakes
  • Reduced speeding = reduced accidents
  • Mobile video reduces road rage incidents
  • Driver SoS function saves lives
  • Faster, more intelligent response to emergencies
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