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Asset GPS Tracking

Explorer AT

Explorer AT is an ideal solution for managing assets that are normally tethered to 12/24 volt systems but may sit idle for extended periods. Due to its exceptional power management, the EXPLORER AT is able to operate for up to 500 GPS position reports or 18 months without being recharged.

Power Management

  • Explorer AT is an ideal solution for managing assets that are normally tethered to 12/24 volt systems but may sit idle for extended periods. Due to its exceptional power management, the EXPLORER AT is able to operate for up to 500 GPS position reports or 18 months without being recharged. Upon receiving power from its host asset, its integrated battery will automatically re-charge, preparing it for another extended period without power. Explorer AT’s built-in motion detector and input monitoring logic can wake the unit from deep sleep upon sensing activity, whereupon it resumes reporting GPS on its programmed basis. The unit’s Lithium Ion rechargeable battery is field replaceable, making EXPLORER AT appropriate for multi-year asset tracking deployments.


  • Explorer AT’s ability to work in hybrid powered/unpowered environments provides unparalleled versatility for many different applications. Its internal antennas for both cellular and GPS provide outstanding performance, while enabling a covert installation. Measuring only 2x4x1.5 inches, Explorer AT installs easily into most assets and equipment. Its integrated accelerometer and 4 inputs can be monitored by GPS Commander to trigger events and alerts, such as Engine On, PTO On, etc.
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  • Explorer AT features a fully sealed enclosure that meets Military Specifications Standard IP-67, allowing for rugged to be mounted externally for use in all types of applications, including heavy equipment.
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Field Serviceability

  • Explorer AT employs GPS Commander’s industry leading over-the-air programming and maintenance engine that allows our Support Team to remotely monitor unit health status, deploy automatic upgrades, re-configure GPS reporting characteristics or trouble shoot units over-the-air. This ensures that optimum performance will be achieved and that changing customer requirements can be met without de-installation.
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  • Explorer AT employs state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques to increase performance. With 50 Channel GPS capability, 3 Meter WAAS accuracy and high-sensitivity receiver technology, the unit delivers outstanding GPS reporting accuracy. The GPS Commander Tracking Portal brings Explorer AT’s capabilities to bear for asset managers with real-time and historical tracking, reporting and alert features that are highly configurable.

Includes Web Portal Access

What’s Included?

Explorer AT is an asset GPS tracking solution that works with the GPS Commander cloud-based web tracking portal. Explorer AT is available in a wide range of hardware and airtime configurations to suit most any application, including pure satellite based systems with global coverage. The tracking portal includes a wide range of great features, allowing you to track any combination of assets, all at the same time.  Explorer AT’s monthly or annual subscription includes our full range of live tracking and historical playback features, a full range of automated reports and a complete set of alerts.

Tracking Plans

Traveler Plan

Once Per 5 Minute GPS Reports with Ignition On, Once Per Day with Ignition Off

  • Designed for active tracking when an asset is operating and for inventory reporting when it is not in use.
  • As soon as the engine is started, the unit will report every 5 minutes.
  • When powered down, it will report once per day to conserve battery life.
  • Ignition alerts will also be provided, as well as 2 other alerts as required, such as PTO On.

Explorer Plan

Once Per Hour GPS Reports with Ignition On, Once Per Day with Ignition Off

  • Designed for monitoring assets such as construction equipment that is not highly mobile or does not need to be tracked in real-time.
  • The concept is to monitor it for safety, theft deterrence, labor hour monitoring, etc.
  • Motion detection is included.

Discovery Plan

Once Per Day and Motion Alerts

  • Designed primarily for theft deterrence of high value inventory equipment that is most often stationary or moved infrequently, such as compressors, power plants, air conditioners, trailers.
  • This version of Explorer AT is completely self-powered with a battery that can last for up to 7 years. Therefore, it requires no external power source.
  • The asset will report its position daily for inventory purposes, as well set off an alert when motion is detected.



Maintaining effective control of a team of mobile workers and their associated vehicles and equipment is critical to the success of any business. Without firsthand knowledge of the real-time and historical activities of your people and equipment, your operations staff is basically blindfolded. GPS Commander has both simplified and cost reduced GPS tracking such that the return on investment is virtually immediate for most fleets.

  • More accurate customer billing and cost recovery
  • Knowledge of actual employee working hours can be used for payroll calculations
  • Effective problem solving when a delivery or service interruption occurs
  • Reduced misuse of company vehicles
  • Elimination of moonlighting
  • Improve communications in your organization
  • Improved routing and schedule planning
  • Reduced vehicle theft, faster recovery


Maximizing productivity is not only important to your bottom line but critical to maintaining your competitive positioning. Getting the most out of your people and equipment is both art and science. Today’s business environment is more demanding and dynamic than ever and we must change, adapt and innovate constantly to stay ahead of competitors. GPS Commander can help maintain that edge by providing a set of GPS tracking tools that will help measure and optimize productivity.

  • More efficient routing of field personnel and mobile assets
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved utilization & increased number of completed jobs
  • Reduced voice communications
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Reduced employee downtime

Service Quality

In most organizations, a majority of new business comes as a result of existing customer referrals. Keeping customers happy is key to protecting existing revenue and driving growth. In order to improve customer service, it must be measurable. GPS Commander’s selection of GPS tracking systems give organizations the ability to visualize and assess existing service levels, then make adjustments in real time to improve response.

  • Keep customers informed of service or delivery schedule changes in real-time
  • Accurately assess labor billing hours, travel time & delivery response
  • Faster response due to more efficient routing & dispatch
  • Increased speed and improved accuracy


Providing a safe environment for employees and customers is the responsibility of every employer. It is also in our own best interest, as it makes it easier to attract new employees and customers and reduces costs over the long term. Tracking your people and equipment with GPS Commander will enhance your corporate safety program with real-time location awareness and configured alerts for driver, emergency, speeding and boundary entrance.

  • Maximize passenger safety
  • Improved lone worker safety
  • Reduced speeding = reduced accidents
  • Faster, more intelligent response to emergencies
  • Helps attract new employees
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