Take Ranger CT For A Test Drive: The First Month Is On Us!

What’s holding you back from experiencing the benefits of real time GPS vehicle tracking for your business? If contracts, commitments, and costs come to mind, we have great news.

GPS Commander is thrilled to introduce the Ranger CT Test Drive Program. It’s your exclusive opportunity to trial state-of-the-art real-time GPS vehicle tracking, virtually risk-free.

Here’s how it works:

-­‐Purchase 1 Ranger CT GPS Vehicle Tracking unit for the Test Drive discounted price of $99.00.

-­‐ Install it in one of your vehicles (it’s easy -we can help).

-­‐ Enjoy the first month of tracking service and airtime on us.

-­‐After 30 days, if you are pleased with the results, add more units as your budget allows, and commence monthly billing.

-­‐If not satisfied, send the unit back for a full refund.

Why Test Drive?

–There’s no better way to gauge whether real time vehicle tracking is right for your business than to experience it firsthand as part of your daily operations.

–Your Test Drive delivers the entire GPS Commander service experience: new hardware, 24/7 customer support, and the full line of web portal features.

–Our special offer requires that you only risk the shipping costs of the Ranger CT unit (about $40.00). If you return the Test Drive unit after your first month, you receive a full refund for it ($99.00).

–A Test Drive can introduce your employees to real time vehicle tracking in a transitional shift towards fleet-wide Ranger CT integration.

It’s something new: imagine experiencing a totally fresh perspective of your company with real time GPS tracking.

We’re confident you’ll love it- that’s why we’re prepared to put our professional service and new hardware on the line.

We believe in simple, affordable GPS tracking:

-No contracts

-Lifetime warranty

-24 x 7 live support

-Instant on-line pricing

-Easy to use web-based interface

Now it’s your turn. Get your Test Drive here!

Click here to create your instant Test Drive quote, so that you can see all the details. Be sure to enter this special promo code in the Discount Code space: TESTDRIVE





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