Innovative, Affordable GPS Tracking Solutions

GPS Commanderâ„¢ provides Online GPS tracking solutions that are reliable, affordable and easy to use. We offer industry leading value to organizations interested in tracking their people, vehicles, assets and trailers. GPS Commander is a division of Future Quest Wireless Inc., a company specializing in wireless dispatch systems for the passenger transportation industry and GPS tracking systems for organizations with mobile workers. Over the past 12 years, we have helped hundreds of organizations realize their corporate visions through the practical application and utilization of wireless data technology.

Our Value Proposition

GPS Commanderâ„¢ helps organizations significantly improve their operating efficiency, customer service, employee safety and other critical business factors. As a result of using GPS tracking systems from GPS Commander, our customers experience measurable improvements in their business metrics, while increasing operational control and enhancing their competitive positioning. GPS Commander provides a fresh approach to fleet tracking with packages that are easy to understand and purchase, simple to install and use, reliable for the long term, and exceptionally affordable. GPS Commander re-wrote the rule book on value, with ultra-low capital outlay, low monthly payments, and no contract commitments. We changed the rules again with lifetime hardware warranty and 24/7 customer support.

Tracking Simplified

With GPS Commanderâ„¢ GPS tracking has never been easier! There is no software to purchase, install or maintain. There are no maps to license, install or update. There are no setup fees and there are no surprises. GPS Commander is just as easy to use as it is to pay for.

Best In Class Technology

Our clients told us that what really matters to them is being able to view their fleets in real time on high quality maps, reliably and from any PC, without having to install software or maps. We address these needs by using best-in-class web-based Google maps with both satellite view and Google Earth capability. Access the real-time location, speed, heading and status of your personnel and vehicles from any internet-connected PC, anywhere. Our clients need to be able to monitor key events that are important to them in real-time, such as speeding or idling infractions, traveling in unauthorized areas or when specific vehicle or employee activity is detected. GPS Commander addresses these scenarios with live on-screen, email and text messaging alerts. Our customers asked for easy-to-use historical fleet analysis tools. GPS Commander lets you draw from a wide range of historical reports or watch live or historical fleet movement and behavior.

World Class Support

All GPS Commander tracking systems are bundled with live, personal web-based training and backed by our 24×7 Live HelpDesk.

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GPS Commander™ provides online GPS vehicle tracking, trailer tracking, asset tracking, and personal tracking solutions that are reliable, affordable and easy to use. Our system combines best of class tracking technology with an innovative GPS tracking portal based on worldwide Google maps to bring real time GPS tracking into the mainstream. All aspects of GPS Commander have been engineered to reduce cost barriers, while simplifying everything from the purchase experience to system operation and support for our customers. GPS tracking features include real time gps tracking, automatic e-mail or SMS alerts, geo-fencing or boundary configuration, and advanced reporting capabilities. Prices start at only $9.95/mo.

GPS Commander™ tracking devices result from world class manufacturing and software design, with outstanding performance, easy installation, and over-the-air programmability and maintenance capabilities. Tracking device choices include Scout PT for personal GPS tracking, Ranger CT for GPS vehicle tracking, Explorer AT for GPS asset tracking, and Rover TT for GPS trailer tracking. Using leading cellular data networks, these devices report their location information to the GPS Commander web portal. Simply log on from any computer via the internet to track your people and resources in real-time using the latest GPS tracking technology.