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Track Vehicles, Trailers, Assets or People Secure Access from any Web Browser Google Earth Maps with Satellite View

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GPS Commander™ provides online GPS vehicle tracking, trailer tracking, asset tracking, and personal tracking solutions that are reliable, affordable and easy to use. Our system combines best of class tracking technology with an innovative GPS tracking portal based on worldwide Google maps to bring real time GPS tracking into the mainstream. All aspects of GPS Commander have been engineered to reduce cost barriers, while simplifying everything from the purchase experience to system operation and support for our customers. GPS tracking features include real time gps tracking, automatic e-mail or SMS alerts, geo-fencing or boundary configuration, and advanced reporting capabilities. Prices start at only $9.95/mo.

GPS Commander™ tracking devices result from world class manufacturing and software design, with outstanding performance, easy installation, and over-the-air programmability and maintenance capabilities. Tracking device choices include Scout PT for personal GPS tracking, Ranger CT for GPS vehicle tracking, Explorer AT for GPS asset tracking, and Rover TT for GPS trailer tracking. Using leading cellular data networks, these devices report their location information to the GPS Commander web portal. Simply log on from any computer via the internet to track your people and resources in real-time using the latest GPS tracking technology.

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August 24, 2015

As far as you know, your fleet business’ invoicing process works just fine. Until a customer calls to complain about over-billing. Then it’s back to the paper files to leaf through driver logs, date entries and customer histories to determine whether an error in your administration truly exists. And then the phone call with the… keep reading.

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